Like This  10"        $325   

"Patrick loves Patrick so much so that when he first saw "Patrick" he reached out his paw 3 or 4 times, and then waited for a response!  Bob  really likes "Patrick", too, and is amazed how you were able to catch Patrick's attitude in so many ways.....the way he turns his head, paw turned under, sparkle in his eye, etc.  And of course I agree on all of it.


Again, we love "Patrick"!


Like This: 

2 Pets 12" X  9" tall


Pets are sculpted in white clay from photos you provide.

The size and price vary from:


      For 1 Animal

  • 8" $250

  • 10" $325

  • 12" $400

For multiple animals, see example below.

Prices quoted are for lying or sitting positions.  The position of your pet is very important, standing is more difficult and would take longer, thus, adding somewhat to the cost.

You can also include your pet's favorite toy or bed to be included in the sculpted piece at prices shown. 

Additional items such as furniture, skate boards, bikes or musical instruments add to the price depending upon complexity and size.

All are hand-painted with ceramic underglaze colors.  Additional details are carefully applied with another glaze and fired 2 - 3 times before Your pet is completed.

A $50 deposit is required before any sculpture is started.

Pictures are provided as your precious pet progresses.

   Like This  1 human & 3 pets          $1300


Pets with their humans are sculpted in white clay.  These are generally about 8"wide and are all hand-painted with under-glaze colors. Additional colors and details may be added before a 3rd firing. 

 The price for a similar piece with:


      1 person and 1 dog is $650.

      1 person and 2 dogs is $1100

   Each additional dog is $200

   Like This  1Pet             $75

  Miniature 3.5 -  4 "

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